Empty Nesting?

Feeling Lost?

Seeking a new challenge?

Need support or an uplift?

Our Story

Every one has a unique journey, but we often try and cover up our uniqueness by copying success tips from others, modelling our behaviours, falling in to line with well meaning but inadequate indoctrinations.

Our story will be similar to yours. We wanted to find a way to make a difference, make an impact. We needed to understand what was truly important and why.

Let us help you bring out your unique story, add some spark to your life and live a life that leaves a legacy.

Our Approach

We are on a mission: to help women remain productive, engaged, inspired and connected. How we do this is by helping you discover what really matters and why.

We have tools, knowledge and experience to assist you in unlocking and understanding your personal priority values. We also have the ability to show you how to align these values with what you do - we link your head and heart to help you live a fulfilled life.

We start this journey with a simple question - what do you want to be remembered for?


Meet the Team

Just like you we are learning and growing every day. Some days things flow and others... well. We all need a little help and we understand how to support, encourage and help you live better, love bolder and leave a legacy!

Mary Watson-Burton

Counsellor, Coach, Empty Nesting Mum... 

Diploma of Counselling, Avatar Master, Experienced Facilitator & Coach

Riding around the paddock cutting grass on the ride-on mower led to the question

"What do I want to be remembered for?"

Did it matter? Does it matter? The answer is 'yes' and in so many more ways than you probably imagine.

Asking this question enabled me to bring a life time of work and exploration around values, personal development and mothering together.

Mary-Anne Frank

Remarkable Woman!

I help people create clarity and certainty so they can feel great!

Mary-Anne has a remarkable depth of experience and combines this with training, research and application to help so many people. There is nothing anyone could say or share that Mary-Anne could not understand or assist with. A beautiful person who is creating a legacy through her work across the globe.


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