Wonder Woman, Legacy & Purpose

Wonder Woman’s mission in the Gal Gadot remake was pretty clear: vanquish the villain.

Along the way lives were saved, new territory explored. Diana experienced confusion and frustration, discovered a few things about herself, unwrapped her own hero and envoked the “hero” in each of us. Her mission was clear; purpose unwrapped itself as her journey evolved.

Diana, (Wonder Woman is how we interpret her!) grew up around other amazing, wonderful women and spent her life focused on developing her talents and refining her skills. (Which, if you notice,  isn’t the “balanced” lifestyle many of us are struggling to attain).

Was she deliberately prepared for her purpose or did her purpose present because she was prepared?

The story of Wonder Woman is of course fiction. The story of the hero is timeless; Greek mythology, popular fiction, non-fiction, films, music, the bible, the list is long. But what comes first? The hero task, the training and preparstion or something else…?

A hero task is seldom, we think, thrown up at us in our everyday lives, and yet we all at some point seek to discover our purpose. We all contemplate at some point Who am I and Why am I here? This can be evasive and frustrating, often leaving individuals searching for answers rather than exploring their own unique possibilities. Purpose may not be easily identified, you can feel it, think you see it and it flickers away with each new project, job or turn in life’s road. Trying to work out you life purpose may in fact be a wasted pursuit when time, attention and energy could be used in a more satisfying and enjoyable process.

What, you ask is that process and where can I get some? Pick up a pencil or sit down with a good cuppa and review a few aspects of life.

What are your bows and arrows? What are your golden, bullet bouncing bracelets? When do you feel bullet proof? What skills, knowledge expertise do you possess, what inspires you? Stephen King says “if God gave you the ability to write, why are you not using it?”, so what abilities do you have? What affects you? What doesn’t affect you and should it? What really, really gets you mad and why? What scares you? What will you fight for, stand for?

This could just be your Hero process. Fighting for YOU! In the answers you will find what matters most to you. Your priority values. When you dig around in this space you are connecting with the “hero” of your own journey and opening up to living from your legacy space.

Your “hero” journey is to discover how your unique expression of you works in this world. Accepting this and finding your own unique self will have you ready when your purpose presents itself.

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